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July 2023

Project Details

The RA Decorators Website Case Study focuses on the development and design of a WordPress website for RA Decorators, a fictional interior design and home decorating company. The website will showcase RA Decorators’ portfolio, services, and brand identity, while also incorporating features such as a gallery, contact form, social media integrations, and testimonials.


The main objectives of this case study project are as follows:

  • Develop a professional and aesthetically pleasing WordPress website for RA Decorators.
  • Showcase RA Decorators’ portfolio of previous projects to potential clients.
  • Provide detailed information about the services offered by RA Decorators.
  • Create a user-friendly and intuitive navigation system for easy browsing.
  • Incorporate social media integrations to enhance brand visibility and engagement.
  • Implement a contact form for users to inquire about services and request quotes.
  • Display client testimonials to build trust and credibility.

Scope of Work:

 The scope of work for the RA Decorators Website Case Study includes the following tasks:

  • Requirement gathering and analysis: Understand the client’s needs, target audience, and desired website functionality.
  • WordPress website development: Set up a WordPress website using a LAMP stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) and install relevant plugins for gallery, contact form, social media integration, and testimonials.
  • Design customization: Customize the WordPress theme to reflect RA Decorators’ brand identity, including color schemes, typography, and imagery.
  • Portfolio showcase: Create an organized and visually appealing portfolio section to display RA Decorators’ previous projects, incorporating high-quality images and descriptions.
  • Services and content creation: Develop informative and engaging content for the website pages, including the home page, services page, and other relevant sections.
  • Social media integration: Integrate social media buttons or widgets to encourage users to connect with RA Decorators’ social profiles and share website content.
  • Contact form implementation: Set up a contact form with appropriate fields for users to reach out to RA Decorators, including name, email, message, and possibly additional information.
  • Testimonial display: Incorporate a section or page to showcase client testimonials, including their feedback and satisfaction with RA Decorators’ services.
  • SEO optimization: Optimize the website structure, meta tags, and content to improve search engine rankings and increase organic traffic.
  • Deployment and mail relay setup: Deploy the website to a suitable web server and configure a dedicated mail relay for reliable email delivery.


Upon completion of the RA Decorators Website Case Study project, the following deliverables will be provided:

  • Fully functional WordPress website for RA Decorators
  • WordPress theme files and customization details
  • High-quality images and content used on the website
  • Documentation outlining the website’s features, functionality, and technical specifications
  • Recommendations for ongoing maintenance and updates
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